"FIRST DATE" Solo exhibition

 June 2015, BEATNIK Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

The artist persuades that piece of art becomes a fruit of any life moment, even minor one. New Impressionism, that is how Bondarev calls his art. The artist develops his main idea of "instantcy" when instant moment transforms to the masterpiece. Under the influence of a phrase or an act series of works are appeared. Instant photo found out on a camera screen or a flimsy draft sketch made over five seconds is embroidering in sequins with enormous efforts for several months. The exposition presents not seen wooden made sculptures, paintings, graphic arts and hand made embroidery pictures of 2013-2015 period.

Curator - Bekasova Svetlana

The background for a few works are photographs of mattresses, from the series "Entrailles" - Kirill Zapylikhin (Paris)